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Deal on state employee raises reached, University System still waiting

Montana’s public employees now wait for state agencies and unions to ratify a plan negotiated with Gov. Bullock in order to receive their first base-pay... 

Montana’s new First Lady narrowing her priorities

Lisa Bullock is moving into her sixth month as Montana’s First Lady and said she is still exploring how she wants to use her new title.

Will Democrats change their minds on key bills to support Bullock vetoes?

Gov. Bullock’s office is reaching out to Democratic Lawmakers to uphold his vetoes on some key bills from the 2013 Legislature.

Planned Parenthood sues state over two abortion measures

Planned Parenthood of Montana filed a lawsuit Thursday against two measures restricting the abortion rights of minors, one just passed by the 2013 Legislature... 

Time running out for lawmakers to override Bullock vetoes

Montana lawmakers have until Monday to cast their votes on whether to override certain vetoes from Governor Steve Bullock

“Montana’s Gun Culture”

“Montana’s Gun Culture” explores the many ways Montanans use guns and their relationships with firearms.

“Keeping Schools Safe: A Town Hall Meeting”

This program brings the conversation of gun regulation, sparked by the recent tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut, to Montana schools. Can gun regulation play... 

“Gun Control: Knee-Jerk or Necessary?”

As part of the “Guns in the Big Sky” series, MTPR aired a live discussion of whether new gun control legislation is necessary, or simply a knee jerk... 

Bridge easement lawsuit could impact MT’s stream access law

A lawsuit concerning a bridge on a county road could lead to major impacts on Montana’s stream access law.