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On Wednesday, the Montana House of Representatives approved a bill (House Bill 230) that would permanently cut property taxes. The bill would reduce taxes by more than $100 million every two years.

Opponents like Democrat JP Pomnichowski of Bozeman say the bill would make it too difficult for the state to pay its bills.

“There are responsible ways to offer property tax relief and irresponsible ways. $100 million every biennium is not the responsible way to do it.”

But supporters like Republican Mike Miller of Helmville say there’s no reason to assume the state won’t be able to pay for the tax cut.

“We’ve had huge ending fund balances the last three sessions. I don’t believe we need a $300 million ending fund balance this time; I think that’s irresponsible. I think this money needs to go back to the taxpayers.”

Also on Wednesday, the House approved a bill (House Bill 505) that would make physician-assisted suicide illegal in Montana.

Jonathon Ambarian – Legislative News Service, University of Montana School of Journalism


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