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Roadkill for dinner?

  on March 20, 2013

Dinner?  (Photo by fliker user batwrangler, Some rights reserved).

(Photo by Flickr user batwrangler, Some rights reserved).


A bill to allow people to keep some animals struck and accidentally killed by a vehicle is one step closer to becoming law. While nationally, the jokes have been flying about turning road kill into dinner, supporters say it’s a shame to waste food when others are going hungry.

House Bill 247 would allow a law enforcement official to issue a permit for deer, elk, moose and antelope that are struck and killed by a vehicle. The Department of Fish Wildlife and Parks would still regulate how the carcasses are salvaged.

The Senate gave preliminary approval to House Bill 247 on a 33 -15 vote. The House passed the bill 95-3. It faces a final vote in the Senate before going to the governor for his consideration.

Yellowstone Public Radio News Director Jackie Yamanaka has more from the Capitol.

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