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By Amy R. Sisk
Community News Service
University of Montana School of Journalism

It looks like the Legislature’s major school funding bill will soon head to the governor with many of its original provisions intact. Mike Dennison of Lee Newspapers covered Monday’s vote on the House floor, noting that 21 Republicans joined all Democrats to support the measure.

Dennison’s colleague, Charles S. Johnson, wrote about a Senate vote on the state employee pay plan. Although Republicans blocked an attempt to add more money to the $114 million bill, the pay plan drew support from both parties in the final vote.

Johnson also reported that Senate has restored the cash to finance a new Missoula College building and a science building for MSU-Billings.  The bill authorizing that spending faces further votes in the Senate and House.

The two bills that caused an uproar among Senate Democrats several weeks ago have cleared a House committee. Dan Boyce of Montana Public Radio has that story on the elections measures, which will go on the ballot in 2014, if they pass by both chambers.

Meanwhile, Matt Voltz of the Associated Press reports that the American Tradition Partnership – a conservative, dark money group – has released the names of its board of directors.

On that note, Dennison wrote about Republicans’ efforts to kill a bill that aims to shed light on dark money. The vote on the so-called TRACE Act in a House committee went down largely along party lines Monday morning and remains dead after an attempt to blast it to the floor failed Monday afternoon.

The AP also reported on bills related to the sale of raw milk and physician-assisted suicide. AP also covered the governor’s veto of a measure to allow concealed carry without a permit.


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