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“Keeping Schools Safe: A Town Hall Meeting”

  on May 23, 2013

Updated May 24, 2013

Watch Keeping Schools Safe, A Town Hall Meeting on PBS. See more from KUSM.

More info:

  • Montana Safe Schools Center
    We share a heightened commitment to ensure that schools continue to become the most welcoming, safe, and supportive settings they can be for children.
    ALERRT is involved in a wide variety of research projects regarding active shooter events and best practices in response to these events.

“Keeping Schools Safe: A Town Hall Meeting” concludes the “Guns in the Big Sky” series with a live forum on school safety. This program brings the conversation of gun regulation, sparked by the recent tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut, to Montana schools. Can gun regulation play a role in school safety? What options might make our schools safer?

Upcoming MontanaPBS air dates:

  • Thursday 5/23 at 7:00pm
  • Wednesday 5/29 at 12:00pm



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