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“Montana’s Gun Culture”, a documentary by UM School of Journalism students.

Entering the world of a gun show may seem like making a trip to a foreign land. But for many Montanans, guns are a way of life, a tool necessary for the rural lifestyle. “Montana’s Gun Culture” explores the many ways Montanans use guns and their relationships with firearms.

In the program, you’ll see how ranchers need guns to manage their livestock. You’ll meet women in rural Montana who carry weapons to protect themselves and their families when law enforcement may be an hour or more away. You’ll visit a hunter’s education class, where twelve-year-olds are practicing gun safety before heading out with their parents and grandparents to harvest animals for food.

But there’s a dark side to the gun culture as well. Guns are used to commit crimes and to do violence against other people. You’ll meet the survivors of a school shooting in Montana in 1986 and go behind prison walls to hear from the boy, now a man, who did the shooting.

Opinions about gun control range from support of an outright ban on firearms to opposition of any regulation at all. You’ll hear from them all in “Montana’s Gun Culture.”

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