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Ballot Measures

LR-120 ( HB 627 )
Subject: Referendum to require parental notification prior to abortion for a minor, providing for judicial waiver of notification, repealing prior statutes, and providing penalties.
Type: Legislative Referendum
LR-121 ( HB 638 )
Subject: Referendum to deny certain state services to illegal aliens.
Type: Legislative Referendum
LR-122 ( SB 418 )
Subject: Referendum to prohibit the state or federal government from mandating the purchase of health insurance or imposing penalties for decisions related to purchasing health insurance.
Type: Legislative Referendum
Subject: Refer SB 423 (Medical Marijuana Bill) to the voters of Montana
Type: Initiative Referendum
Subject: Charge Montana elected and appointed officials, state and federal, with implementing a policy that corporations are not human beings with constitutional rights.
Type: Statutory initiative

Campaign Beat: Final Thoughts on Election 2012

On this final edition of “Campaign Beat”, Montana Public Radio’s weekly political analysis program, News Director Sally Mauk talks with Lee newspaper reporters Chuck Johnson and Mike Dennison about who won, who lost, and what happens next.

With thousands of votes still to be counted, all five ballot issues appeared to be heading toward passage late Tuesday. With about the third of the vote in, 57 percent of voters favored Legislative Referendum 124, which asked Montanans to endorse the 2011 Legislature’s strict medical marijuana law. That law regulates medical cannabis by banning […]

Montana Statewide Election Results

By on November 6, 2012

Montana Statewide Election Results

Montana Statewide Election Results. Last updated 1:40 p.m. 11/07/12.  Please see the Montana Secretary of State website for the most up to date numbers.

Election Day Coverage Roundup

By on November 2, 2012

Election Day Coverage Roundup

Montana Public Media partners have election day covered. See below for schedules and info on TV, radio and web coverage for election day, Tuesday November 6.

Dan Boyce of MTPR reports on a Helena protest over corporate money in elections. Tuesday night, the PBS program FRONTLINE focused on American Tradition Partnership and its influence on Montana elections, finding evidence of ATP illegally coordinating with candidates in Montana. ATP is not taking those allegations lightly. Supporters of a Montana ballot measure seeking […]

Paul Abowd Talks About American Tradition Partnership & Campaign Finance

It’s not easy to know who is funding the Colorado-based group known as “American Tradition Partnership” – and that’s fine with them. ATP is the group that has been successfully challenging Montana’s longstanding restrictions on campaign financing. Those lawsuits are not only changing Montana’s political landscape, but have national implications as well.

Seventeen years after the courts struck down an early attempt to require minors to notify their parents before getting an abortion, the contentious issue is back on the ballot this fall.  Legislative Referendum 120 is almost exactly like a 1995 law struck down by a Montana court as violating the Montana Constitution–with one key change. […]

For the Montanans debating Initiative 166, the measure calling for a constitutional amendment proclaiming “corporations are not people,” the fight is a battle over the future of democracy and free speech in America. “Elections are bought and sold and people don’t feel empowered to participate in their democracy,” said Missoula City Councilwoman Cynthia Wolken, an […]

Eight years after 62 percent of voters cast ballots to legalize the use of medical marijuana, Montanans will now decide to what degree they want their state’s medical cannabis industry regulated. IR-124 allows voters to either approve Senate Bill 423, which imposed stricter limits on the growing and distribution of medical marijuana, or return to […]

Nobody really believes Montana is overrun by illegal immigrants. Recent census figures estimate the state may be home to fewer than 11,000 noncitizens   ̶ and that includes legal residents with visas or green cards. One national Hispanic group estimates the state’s number of undocumented immigrants at about 5,000. Although that’s less than 1 percent of […]