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Daily Digest

Lawmakers keep schools, builders and taxpayers guessing

School funding cuts, Long-Range Building Program, tax relief and Senate leaders working to bury the hatchet in today’s Daily Digest.

Gay rights victory, executive pay and raises for state employees

A historic victory for gay rights, insurance executive salaries, state employee pay raises and long term building projects in today’s Daily Digest.

Leaked emails, Republican subpoenas and dollars for schools

Leaked emails, Republican subpoenas and dollars for schools in today’s Daily Digest.

Tensions linger over Democrats’ protest of proposed election changes

Sorting out Friday’s parliamentary standoff, school choice, and Northwestern Energy vs. wind power producers in today’s Daily Digest.

Pat Williams, voting laws and bison bills

Senate rejects Williams’ confirmation to Board of Regents, voting law changes, tax cuts and bison in today’s Daily Digest.

School choice, a congressional controversy and budget cuts

Charter schools, Williams confirmation, water rights, guns, budget, breweries and designer drugs in today’s Daily Digest.

Medicaid politicking

Numerous recesses, whispers in the hallways and rules objections marked Tuesday’s debate over Medicaid expansion.

Fast talkers, trust funds and the governor’s priorities

Fast talking legislative clerks, oil & gas trust fund, and Gov. Bullock gives an update on his legislative priorities in today’s Daily Digest.

Vanishing surplus, health care and hunting and fishing fees

The vanishing budget surplus, Medicaid expansion, health care, and hunting & fishing license fees in today’s Daily Digest.

Cutting school money, simplifying taxes and vetoing gun bills

School funding cuts, tax simplification, guns and illegal immigrants in today’s Daily Digest.