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Daily Digest

Pay and pension fixes advance; Medicaid expansion stalls

It’s starting to feel like crunch time in the Capitol. The Daily Digest can help you keep up with the legislative news.

Brewers, ballot measures and enrollment spikes

Brewery showdown, legislative referendums, school enrollment, assisted suicide, medical marijuana and gay marriage in today’s Daily Digest.

Medicaid, a Republican rift and the redistricting game

Medicaid expansion, ‘dark money’, redistricting and raw milk in today’s Daily Digest.

State pay, water rights and prostitution

State pay raises and pensions, water rights, prostitution, concealed carry and a legislative ‘kill list’ in today’s Daily Digest.

Pensions, more spending and the Montana Developmental Center

Pensions, appropriations, Medicaid expansion and illegal immigration in today’s Daily Digest.

Medicaid expansion stalls; Pat Williams defends ‘thugs’ quote

Medicaid expansion, Pat Williams, natural gas rates, guns on college campuses and roadkill in today’s Daily Digest.

A unanimous vote on a budget bill? Seriously?

An extraordinary budget vote, funding for public defenders, oversize loads and Medicaid expansion in today’s Daily Digest.

Brewers, energy taxes and concealed weapons

Taverns vs. breweries, tax breaks for electrical generation, gun rights and the MDC are in the news today.

Minority blues, tax cuts and a battle over beer

Frustrated Dems, tax cuts, raises and pension for state employees and brewers vs. the tavern industry in today’s Daily Digest.

Dark money, ALEC and the ‘blasting’ game

In the news today, critics of the Gov.’s ‘dark money’ bill, a flat tax, ‘cookie cutter legislation’, apprentice hunters, and another failed ‘blast motion’.