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State employees speak in favor of ‘five and five’ pay plan

‘Five and Five’ opponents prefer a House version of the pay plan without across the board increases.

Gay rights victory, executive pay and raises for state employees

A historic victory for gay rights, insurance executive salaries, state employee pay raises and long term building projects in today’s Daily Digest.

The House will consider infrastructure needs arising from the Bakken boom and debate the establishment of public charter schools on Wednesday.

The bill would repeal an obsolete state law that criminalizes gay sex.

Rules Committee addresses Friday’s Senate meltdown

The Senate Rules Committee met to try to settle allegations between the parties concerning a chaotic parliamentary showdown in the chamber last Friday.

Senate committee considers long rage building projects

House Bill 5 would pay cash for deferred maintenance projects and University buildings. Opponents object to the location of the Missoula College campus.

Leaked emails, Republican subpoenas and dollars for schools

Leaked emails, Republican subpoenas and dollars for schools in today’s Daily Digest.

Montana House advances bill to decriminalize gay sex

Full House to debate Senate Bill 107 on Tuesday.

Public defenders seek Legislature’s help to ease burden on attorneys

Public defender offices across Montana struggle to make do with limited resources and an ever-increasing workload.

‘Grateful Nation’ statue designated Montana’s official Iraq/Afghanistan war memorial

Governor Bullock signed the bill Monday recognizing the memorial spearheaded by the group Grateful Nation Montana.