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Lawmakers hear concealed carry bill

The NRA spoke in support of the bill, the Montana Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association spoke in opposition.

Bills from taverns and breweries at odds

Montana Tavern Association wants to change the licensing requirements for breweries.The Montana Brewer’s Association has its own ideas.

Bill to extend ‘clean and green’ tax credit to all new generation facilities advances

One supporter decries ‘picking winners and losers’. Opponents say there are good reasons to give incentives to renewables.

Minority blues, tax cuts and a battle over beer

Frustrated Dems, tax cuts, raises and pension for state employees and brewers vs. the tavern industry in today’s Daily Digest.

Poised and prepared: ACLU lobbyist wins few battles but earns respect across the aisle

During the session’s first eight weeks, the ACLU’s Public Policy Director Niki Zupanic testified on 45 bills.

Highlights from week 10 at the Montana Legislature

State employee pay and pensions, campaign finance, failed ‘blast’ motions and more in this week 10 news roundup.

Capitol Talk March 15, 2013

State workers’ pay raises, pensions, Title X funding and Medicaid expansion, this week on ‘Capitol Talk’ from Montana Public Radio

Concealed carry, guns on campus on Monday’s agenda

Of the twelve pro-gun bills introduced this session, seven are now in their second house.

Senate committee rejects repeal of oil and gas ‘tax holiday’

Also on Friday, the House approved a bill that would offer grants to public schools for purchasing food produced in Montana.

The bill’s lone opponent questioned whether the limit set in the bill adequately determines impaired driving.