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Governor signs budget bill after line-item vetos

Bullock said that he needed to reduce spending. The reductions cut about $30 million, roughly 0.4 percent of the $8 billion budget.

Gov. Bullock vetos campaign finance, water rights bills

Gov. Bullock vetoed a dozen bills on Friday, including a campaign finance measure and a bill concerning the Flathead Water Rights Compact.

Retirees ask for veto on pension plan fix

Association of Montana Retired Public Employees faults the pension fix for reducing the annual cost of living increases guaranteed to current retirees.

National Day of Prayer: infringement on church and state separation?

National Day of Prayer: Supporters call it religious freedom, opponents call it a violation of church and state separation.

State Senator Dave Lewis looks back

In this interview with Edward O’Brien, Sen. Dave Lewis looks back at his 40 years in state government after finishing his final legislative session.

Could state employees still get a 5 and 5 pay plan?

The MEA-MFT president is standing firm on negotiating for five and five. He says the state can get there by delaying the implementation of raises.

Gov. signs bill creating a state parks commission

Montana’s State Parks will now have their own governing board with the creation of a new state parks and recreation commission.

Taking stock: assessing the 2013 Legislature

Here’s an issue by issue look back at the 2013 Legislature.

Unofficial ‘pocket vetoes’ kill several bills

Gov. Bullock says GOP leadership blocked a number of measures by failing to schedule a bill for a vote or hearing by the required deadline.

Capitol Talk April 26, 2013

Republican infighting, Democratic wins and the new Senate race, in the final edition of “Capitol Talk” from Montana Public Radio.