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Tempers flair during Senate debate over health insurance

The bill would have Montana seek a federal waiver to use Medicaid expansion money to instead help low-income Montanans purchase private insurance.

Medicaid reborn, pensions and secret caucuses

Medicaid expansion, a secret caucus by House Republicans, voting referendums and substance-abuse treatment in today’s Daily Digest.

Final House vote on school funding on Wednesday’s agenda

Senate Bill 175 would use about $52 million in oil and gas tax revenue to fund public schools.

Senate considers parental consent for abortion referendum

House Bill 521 would ask voters to consider requiring minors to get parental consent to have an abortion.

Senate passes first state employee base pay raises in four years

The Montana Senate has passed a $116 million dollar two-year pay plan for state employees on a 37-13 vote.

School funding, state employee pay, referendums on voting

School funding, state employee pay, ‘dark money’, assisted suicide, concealed carry and more in today’s Daily Digest.

American Tradition Partnership directors revealed in court filing

American Tradition Partnership has filed multiple lawsuits attacking Montana campaign-finance laws.

The Republican plan sets aside state money for poor Montanans to purchase private health insurance from the Affordable Care Act insurance exchange.

House Committee approves disputed referendums

SB405 ends same-day voter registration. SB408 would put in place a ‘top two’ primary system.

State budget advances in Senate after bi-partisan deal

The Senate restored federal Title X funding to the budget in exchange for the elimination of 500 currently vacant state jobs.