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“Keeping Schools Safe: A Town Hall Meeting”

This program brings the conversation of gun regulation, sparked by the recent tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut, to Montana schools. Can gun regulation play a role in school safety? What options might make our schools safer?

“Gun Control: Knee-Jerk or Necessary?”

As part of the “Guns in the Big Sky” series, MTPR aired a live discussion of whether new gun control legislation is necessary, or simply a knee jerk reaction to tragedy.

President Obama’s former campaign manager says fight over gun control not over

Jim Messina talks about his group’s priorities: climate change, gun control and immigration reform.

Sen. Tester says yes to Keystone, no to gun bans, maybe to immigration reform

Sen. Jon Tester talks about gun control, the Keystone pipeline, the fiscal cliff and other pending controversial issues facing Congress at a time when the American public has little faith they can accomplish anything, much less tackle all of the above.

Montana lawmakers focus on expanding gun rights, nullifying federal laws

HELENA – The halls of Congress are more than 2,000 miles away, but when it comes to the debate over guns, the two capitals seem poles apart. In Washington, the argument is over President Barack Obama’s push to ban military-style weapons and to better investigate those who buy guns. In Helena, the focus is on bills allowing citizens to carry concealed weapons in more places and defying any new federal laws restricting the kinds of guns Montanans can buy. To veteran political observers, that’s no surprise.

The N.R.A. doesn’t speak for these Montana gun owners

In recent weeks, Montana Public Radio News Director Sally Mauk has done feature interviews on gun control with a Montana sheriff opposed to any new gun control, and a small businesswoman and mom who favors stricter gun laws. Continuing that conversation, in this feature interview Sally sits down with two long time Montana hunters and […]

Missoula mom forms a Montana chapter of a national gun control group

Nancy de Pastino was heartbroken when she heard about the Newtown shooting. The Missoula mom and portrait photographer first hugged her children, then went and hugged her daughter’s first grade teacher. Then she started a Montana chapter of the national organization “One Million Moms for Gun Control”, an organization started by a mom in Indiana, […]