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Planned Parenthood sues state over two abortion measures

Planned Parenthood of Montana filed a lawsuit Thursday against two measures restricting the abortion rights of minors, one just passed by the 2013 Legislature and the other passed by Montana voters in 2012.

Republicans passing collection of referenda in order to bypass Bullock veto

One lawmaker says the practice is an abuse of the referendum process and abdication of the legislature’s responsibilities.

On Tuesday, the Montana House of Representatives approved a bill (House Bill 391) that would require a parent to give permission before anyone under the age of 18 could get an abortion. Also on Tuesday, the Senate approved a bill (Senate Bill 180) that would take away private utility companies’ right to take private property through eminent domain.

House votes on dozens of bills, including abortion and gun legislation

Montana Lawmakers are making their final push to vote on Legislation before what’s known as the transmittal deadline on Thursday. As we reported, all non-money bills have to transfer over to the opposite chamber from where they started by then, or they die. In a morning House Floor session, lawmakers took an important vote on a bill which would require parental consent before a minor can seek an abortion.

This week, Montana lawmakers will be working hard to get general bills passed before the transmittal deadline on Thursday. Any bills that do not affect state revenue or spending must make it through their first house by Thursday or they die.

Highlights from week 6 at the Montana Legislature

Lawmakers have floated several ideas to combat the so-called “dark money” responsible for many of the attack ads during the 2012 election. Now it’s the governor’s turn. In a press conference last week, Democratic Gov. Steve Bullock and Sen. Jim Peterson, R-Buffalo, unveiled their bipartisan plan to shed light on anonymous campaign contributions. Reporter Amy R. Sisk has more on this and the other action from week 6 of the session.

On Friday, Montana’s House Judiciary Committee heard testimony on a bill requiring parental consent before a minor could get an abortion. Meanwhile, the House State Administration Committee considered a bill that would allow counties to conduct elections entirely by mail.

Seventeen years after the courts struck down an early attempt to require minors to notify their parents before getting an abortion, the contentious issue is back on the ballot this fall.  Legislative Referendum 120 is almost exactly like a 1995 law struck down by a Montana court as violating the Montana Constitution–with one key change. […]

Dan Boyce of Montana Public Radio looks at Both Sides of LR-120, the ballot measure requiring parental notification prior to abortion for a minor. Putting a legislative referendum on the ballot—it’s a strategy, a tool at the disposal of state lawmakers. The legislature can take a bill working its way through the traditional bill process and […]