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“Keeping Schools Safe: A Town Hall Meeting”

This program brings the conversation of gun regulation, sparked by the recent tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut, to Montana schools. Can gun regulation play a role in school safety? What options might make our schools safer?

House Education will debate the session’s major school funding bill. Senate Public Health will hear testimony on a bill to study Medicaid expansion over the next two years.

Cutting school money, simplifying taxes and vetoing gun bills

School funding cuts, tax simplification, guns and illegal immigrants in today’s Daily Digest.

Brewers, ballot measures and enrollment spikes

Brewery showdown, legislative referendums, school enrollment, assisted suicide, medical marijuana and gay marriage in today’s Daily Digest.

OPI seeks additional funding to cover k-12 enrollment increases

Nearly 30 public schools across Montana had an unusual increase in enrollment.

Pensions, more spending and the Montana Developmental Center

Pensions, appropriations, Medicaid expansion and illegal immigration in today’s Daily Digest.

Senate considers supplemental appropriation for wildfires, public education

The bill covers expenses from last year’s fire season and the fallout from then-Gov. Schweitzer’s veto of a public education funding bill.

Highlights from week 10 at the Montana Legislature

State employee pay and pensions, campaign finance, failed ‘blast’ motions and more in this week 10 news roundup.

Senate committee rejects repeal of oil and gas ‘tax holiday’

Also on Friday, the House approved a bill that would offer grants to public schools for purchasing food produced in Montana.

Charter schools, business equipment taxes on Friday’s agenda

Lawmakers will consider a bill to establish charter schools and one to cut business equipment taxes.